Learn more about our ORGONITE POWER Concept

We create Orgonite Power to help bring Orgonite (Orgone) to everyone. Our two pages Fascinating Facts about Orgonite and Choosing your Orgonite will help with everything you need to know about these amazing functional art!

In essence, you could imagine that an Orgonite Power Orgonite is like a form of energy polariser, converting negative, harmful energy into positive helpful energy.

The possibilities of protection, and healing outweigh the concept of negatives, those that don’t want it to be real.

When looking into such books as The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot, one has to wonder if we are indeed a singular entity, and have no connections to other vibrating atoms, or whether we are part of one giant whole, and with the scientifically proven concept of piezoelectric effect a known, the same concept is created within each and every Orgonite we create by hand.

The combination of the resin as it cures, and daily cycles help the Orgonite to convert negative energy into positive energy, to surround you and your families and homes!

…and if you don’t believe in the healing power of Orgonites, at least you will have a gorgeous ornament for around the home….


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