Our Story

Eva has always had an avid love of science, she worked as an Astronomer, and loves all things related to science so the concept of Orgonites was something she naturally honed to… Combining science and art (almost like a grand unified theory if you will!) has been something Eva enjoys creating, so now with the addition of Orgonite Power Pyramids, Structures, Pendants and Cards created using the principles of Orgone (Orgonite) we have a range of beautiful, functional art works to help create a sense of calming the home as well as the possibility of EMF and RF Protection!

Orgonite Power conceptulised, created and now based at Uluru/Ayers Rock, Australia.


PLease NOTE: we WILL BE away FROM 25 Apr returning on 1 Jun 2022, and will not be able to process orders until that date

Thank you fROM the Team

Back on deck shortly! xx