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Orgonite Power Cards and Structures were created to protection you and your family and friends from EMF, ELF, and RF Frequencies which may effect your health and wellbeing!

Using the concept by William Reich, and the scientific principles of the Piezoelectric Effect we have created Cards to carry on your person, or Structures to enjoy in your home!

Fascinating Facts about Orgonite

In Australia in 2020, the Orgonite discussion has started to gain strength. Let’s dive in and think about the things you need to know about Orgonite, Orgone Crystals, their meaning and who created Orgonite. You’ll also learn how to buy Orgonite.

Fascinating facts about Orgonite

You are probably already aware that there is a possibly a being or a higher power that is responsible for our creation.

There are many names for this life energy like:

  • chi
  • prana
  • aether
  • biomagnetic energy
  • aura
  • odic force
  • Reiki energy
  • Bioenergy and so on.

Ancient cultures from all over the world have their unique name for this life force or etheric energy. It is named in their language, but all of these names indicate the same force that drives living things.

For this life force or etheric power, ancient cultures from around the world have their unique name. depending on the language, it will be a different name, but all these names imply the same force that drives living things.

So where does orgonite come into the picture? The history of Orgone & Orgone Energy

Dr Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist, named this same divine force as orgone energy. He proposed that organic materials attracted and held this orgone energy and it was possible to harness this energy to create beneficial effects. He was responsible for a lot of the early orgone research.

Although the eminent scientist died before his reasoning was understood and accepted, his theory was and still is quite clear and logical.

Although before his argument was understood and accepted, the eminent scientist died, his theory was and still is very clear and logical.

In essence, orgonite is considered one of the energy generators and energy accumulators. This is how the term orgone energy came about. We’ll discuss in more detail below.

Orgonite is known to be one of the sources of power and the accumulators of energy. This is how it came about with the word orgone energy. Discussed further below in more depth.

What is orgonite?

Orgonite (orgone) is a 50/50 mixture of quartz crystal, metals and resin. This was considered an ideal combination of organic and inorganic materials as resin was organic and petrochemical-based, where as metal shavings based were inorganic or metallic.. It creates positive energy that is known for being beneficial for mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.

This combination was based on Dr Reich’s research which stated that organic materials attracted the energy while non-organic materials attracted and repelled the energy, which when combined  and the resin cures, create a Piezoelectric Effect, tightening the metals around the crystal, and thereby converting negative RF and EMF frequencies into positive POR energy from the bad DOR energy produced by devices that radiate these frequencies!

Whether it be a card, or structure, order some Orgonite to help protect you from the negative energies that surround us; both physically, within the air, and mentally, within ourselves

Shungite and Tourmaline Orgonite Pyramids

Orgone pyramids are functional art for your space!

What does Orgonite mean?

Orgonite was invented by Karl Hans Welz on the basis of his study. He used the term explicitly to describe a material based on a modification of Reich’s technology

Who was Orgonite invented by?

It was Welz who discovered that organic and inorganic material layers could be manipulated to create a structure for beneficial reasons that would harness by using the orgone energy.


He initially used wood, cotton, and iron, but later he began using steel for his orgonite structures exclusively. Today, though Welz holds the trademark for the word “orgonite,” the term can be used to describe any structure made from a mixture of polyester resin and metal particles.


Don Croft, who added crystals to the organic matrix, further developed orgonite. He proposed that crystals absorb the heat, purify it, and return it to its recipient much more purely, As a result, many use them for Feng Shui, energy healing and to increase their energy flows..

Why are the Orgonite pyramids and structures so popular?

Orgonite’s actual effects tend to vary from person to person, but it’s also beneficial for healing.

Orgonite pyramids ‘ real purpose is to gather and scrub destructive organic energy (DOR) into a pure origin or pure organic energy (POR). In short, DOR is not properly flowing life energy. It’s rigid, tight, and negative.

They also protects from EMFs (ElectroMagnetic Frequencies), ELFs (Extremely Low Frequency) and RFs (Radio Frequencies), which radiate from things like smartphones, wireless internet and cellular towers.

Available in unique structures, they are the perfect addition to the home to help protect from the harmful forces that surround us. They are also linked to healing and better sleep! Orgonite Cards are also available.

They are handcrafted (mold created by the fabulous Peter of Fondant Molds Australia) and are the perfect addition to your wallet.

Whether it be a card, or structure, order some Orgonite to help protect you from the negative energies that surround us; both physically, within the air, and mentally, within ourselves.

Fascinating Facts about Orgonite 1

What are Orgonite and Orgonite Pyramids used for?

Most DOR is technology created and emanates from devices like microwaves, TVs, and machines. Even violent emotions like accidents and deaths can generate this kind of negative energy.

Some DOR is created and emanates from devices such as microwaves, televisions, and computers. Even such negative energy can be produced by violent emotions such as accidents and deaths.

Everything around you is an energy generator and in an ideal world, you would have as many positive energy generators around you as possible (and within reason 😉 )

However, human beings are energy systems, and we are sensitive to these incoming energies. So it becomes necessary to convert all DOR energy into POR just so that we have a calming and equitable workspace or living area.

All around you is an energy generator and you would have as many positive energy generators around you as possible (and within reason;-)) in an ideal world, however, human beings are energy systems, and we are susceptible to these incoming energies.

So it becomes important to turn all DOR energy into POR only so that we have a work or living space that is soothing and equal.

An orgonite pyramid is a device that will gather all such energy, transform it and re-emit it in the form of a positive life-enhancing wave.

Aesthetically, Orgonite Pyramids seem to be the most popular. They are beautiful to look at and contain a range of beautiful crystals, you could almost call them functional art pieces!

You can see our pyramids at Orgonite Inspired Gift Collections that we have available by visiting our collections where you will see the full and unique range we have created for you!

A few ideas for Orgonite placement

How can orgonite help with EMF/WIFI sensitivity?

Most people use orgonite pyramids or Orgonite products to reduce cell tower radiation (and cell phones), reduce EMF, RF, ELF and WIFI related problems.

Some people like to refer to the orgonite in terms of cell tower radiation as a tower buster. We’ll do anything to reduce the harmful effects in and around the radiation towers.

Orgonite can be specifically helpful for people who are sensitive to EMF and Wi-Fi frequencies and are said to be a form of EMF protection.

It is for this purpose that many people like to wear on their individual orgonite jewellery (often called Orgone jewellery) or some sort of orgonite device. In reality, some people like to collect the various pieces of orgonite and place them in their car, handbag, and next to their bed, and that is why we created Orgonite Cards.

Substantial research has been conducted around this and the negative effects of both EMF and WI-FI are well documented. You may have learned about electronic device transmissions from the EMF deemed ‘ dirty electricity.

How to buy Orgonite in Australia

Buying Orgonite in Australia is simple. Here at Orgonite Power we hand create and stock unique, and powerful “Orgonite Power” Orgonite Structures, Orgonite Cards and Orgonite Jewellery.

We have also created a page to help assist you with Orgonite choices, and why you might be attracted to a certain structure or card, check it out HERE

We created Orgonite Power to help bring Orgonite (Orgone) to everyone!


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