Mind Meld Rose Quartz Brass OrgoneIt Orgonite Pyramid 9.5cm


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Mind Meld Rose Quartz Brass OrgoneIt Orgonite Pyramid 9.5cm

– may assist with for strength, power, harmony, vitality and energy!

Built with Rose Quartz Wrapped in Copper for love, Herimer Diamonds to point to the compass points. Brass and 24 Carat Gold Leaf.

May also provide protection against RF and EMF frequencies and helps with positive chi, all OrgoneIt Structures are unique and created so it chooses you! based on the principles of Orgone and Orgonite

The Orgonite Structure has the exact same dimensions as the Great Pyramid of Giza, with a base of 9.6 cm and height of 6cm. This is an extremely powerful structure!

(please note – every OrgoneIt Structure is individually created, and is handmade, so natural flaws are part of the product). Great handmade and handcrafted gift ideas

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Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 9.5 × 6 cm
OrgoneIt Pyramid Sizes


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PLease NOTE: we WILL BE away FROM 25 Apr returning on 1 Jun 2022, and will not be able to process orders until that date

Thank you fROM the Team

Back on deck shortly! xx