Khazad-dûm Orgone Orgonite Pyramid 6cm


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Khazad-dûm Orgone Orgonite Pyramid 6cm

  – Gorgeous Chrysoprase on top of 24 Carat Gold and aluminium, 2 types of Tourmaline, Herkimer Diamonds, mixed with pure silver, on a layer of Aluminum and large Rose Quartz in the centre

Chrysoprase is great to assist with Amplification, Magnification, Programmability.

People commonly perceive that shungite blocks or traps EMFs, but this is not how it works. Shungite actually “transforms” them, changing their wave forms such that their damaging biological effects are neutralised.

Protection against RF frequencies and helps with positive chi, all OrgoneIt Structures are unique and created so it chooses you! based on the principles of Orgone and Orgonite

6cm square base

(please note – every OrgoneIt Structure is individually created, and is handmade, so natural flaws are part of the product). Great handmade and handcrafted gift ideas

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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