"Deep Green" Copper Amethyst Orgoneit Pyramid 3cm


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“Deep Green” Quartz and Copper Orgoneit Pyramid (orgonite orgone) pyramid – for power. The green for the heart and love, the copper for protection and is a great conductor, so perfect for Orgonite protection!

Built with Quartz, Metals including Silver, and Copper

Protection against RF frequencies and helps with positive chi, all OrgoneIt Structures are unique and created so it chooses you! based on the principles of Orgone and Orgonite

3cm square base

(please note – every OrgoneIt Structure is individually created, and is handmade, so natural flaws are part of the product). Also as all OrgoneIt Structures and Cards are handmade, and individual experiences may vary. Great handmade and handcrafted gift ideas

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm